Books by Holly Joy Bowden

Leap of Faith



After her bitter divorce, Anne finds solace continuing her fledgling career near her sister in a small town in Texas. It's hard for an artist to paint, though, when calamitous circumstance pits her head to head with the crankiest man in town, Jonas Cutter. Familiarity doesn't always breed contempt, though, as Anne and Jonas soon discover they enjoy rubbing each other the wrong way.

When Anne's past causes her to make startling discoveries, she finds herself on a fearful path away from her new love while Jonas follows his own road to hell searching for her.


Mrs. Hyde


 This is a slim volume of poetry. It does not contain poetry that you will not understand or long drawn-out pieces that will make you nauseous or embarrassed for yourself for reading them or me for writing them.  As the title  might suggest, it has some anger in it that comes from a mild mannered person that turns into something else (somewhat monstrous) after a major life event.  


Secrets Green


 This is another slim volume of poetry, also not cringe-worthy, that is dedicated to the women in my family. I have amazing sisters and I had a tremendous mother. This is book for women.  If you are a woman you will understand. 


23 Reasons Why


 Yet  another slim volume of poetry. I hate to say it, but, these are about love. No, don't stop reading. Not moon-june, love-dove, sigh-die, sappy crap. I swear to you, these won't make you sick. The best recommendations I've had have been from two of my readers. One sat down and cried in the parking lot while reading it and the other told me that the poems pierced her heart.  


Zillas and Princesses



My 7 year old granddaughter, Elizabeth, and I collaborated to create this hilarious book. I wrote it and she illustrated it.  It is obviously about two princesses, an army of cats (all named Fred) and dinosaurs (Zillas) who learn to get along and have each other for lunch. Sort of. 

It is a great bedtime story that your children will want to read over and over again. It's funny enough that you won't mind it too much.


About the Author


 Holly Joy Bowden lives in Texas with her musician, comedian husband, Richard Bowden.  She is the general manager of his online business, Bowden B-Benders, and was instrumental in bringing Richard back into producing his invention and creating his business.