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If you are still unsure about which Bowden B-Bender to order after looking at each of the models please attach a close up picture of your guitar's tailpiece/bridge with your question. If you do not see your tailpiece/bridge anywhere on this site, it does not mean that we can't make you a bender. Always ask. We will get back to you within 48 hours.  

Bowden B Benders

505 N. Main St., Linden, TX 75563, US

Refund and Return Policy

If your Bowden Bender is found to be defective you may return it for a refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase,  and we will refund your shipping  cost. 

If you have ordered the incorrect model for your guitar you may exchange it for the correct model paying only for shipping and handling and the difference in price of the correct bender (if applicable), and if the correct bender is less than the one you ordered, the difference in price will be refunded. 

*If you have altered the bender in any way no refund is available.* 

*No refunds are available due to shipping time as shipping time can vary from a few days up to a month or more depending on availability of parts and the possible back-log of orders.*

 We appreciate  your business and will  do everything possible to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the product.

 Our mailing/shipping address is Bowden B Benders, 505 N. Main St., Linden, TX 75563